Company's Vission :

Our vision serves as the structural frame for our guideline in every aspect of our business by describing what we need to accomplish in order to continue providing quality services to our clients .

• Cost-Effective
• Quality Solutions
• Product / service differentiation for unique identity & client's delight.

Company's Objectives:

To provide efficient, latest, value added product & services with a vivid and conspicuous vision by seeking, recognizing, assessing, associating and pursuing technical strategic alliances with the best global expertise & leader to meet the challenges of the client's complex requirements.

We aim in :

• Continously improving operational efficiency
• Aggressively expanding our reach to clients





Jaybee Energy Pvt. Ltd. is characterised by the unique professionalism percolating inside the company. The remarkable growth of the company is mainly attributable to the firm believe of the management to true professionalism. In JayBee freedom, responsibility and accountability are not to be earned , but these are given to its professional at the time of induction to the company . By virtue of its flatness in the organisational structure, CEO's cabin is also accessible to the floor level employees. This type of management style has given a unique shape to the organisational culture of the company, that infuses the sense of affiliation amidst all employees. Jaybee recognizes and respects individual differences. The respect for individual stems from the following three points: Initiative, Equality ,Trust .It is the contribution from each individual in the company that has made our company what it is today and that, which will take us into the future.





Promoters : The promoter Mr. Jogendra Nath Buragohain is an Engineering Graduate with 24 years experiences in Industry , out of which 12 years in Petroleum exploration and production services. As a Manager , he has working experiences in organizations such as Coal Industry, Tea Industry , Oil Exploration & Production in OIL and in Fertilizer Industry for about 12 years. During this period he has working exposure also in some of the companies of Europe such as Waggner Biro of Austria, Turbo Tecnnica of Italy, Brown Boveri etc. He is the Chief Executive of the Company with active participation in all activities of the Group Companies. He is the only Indian technocrat to have pioneered the foundation of stimulation industry in the private sector in the country. He has interaction with number of companies of US / South East Asian companies.

The Promoter Mrs. Krishna Buragohain, wife of Shri J.N.Buragohain is the Director of the Company . She has working experience in administration, Personal management and accounts since 1994. She has been extending her able assistance in managing the affairs of the Company since their inception.





Basic Frame Work :

JayBee Energy Pvt. Ltd. is committed to strong corporate governance. As a part of this effort, JayBee adopted a "Company with Committees" corporate governance system under the Indian Company Law. In addition to complying with the requirements of laws and regulations, JayBee also has introduced its own mechanisms to help make its governance system even more sound and transparent, including strengthening the separation of the Directors' function from that of management and advancing the proper functioning of the statutory committees. Under this system, the Board of Directors defines the respective areas for which each Special Executive is responsible and delegates to them decision-making authority to manage the business, thereby promoting the prompt and efficient management of the JayBee Group.

Governance Structure :

JayBee's statutory entities are comprised of the Board of Directors, which is appointed by resolutions at the shareholders' meeting; three committees (the Nominating Committee, Audit Committee and Compensation Committee), consisting of directors named by the Board of Directors; and the Special Executives , who are appointed by resolution of the Board of Directors. In addition to these entities, Jaybee has Corporate Executives who carry out business operations within designated areas.

Primary Roles of the Governance Entities:

Board of Directors:

• Determines the fundamental management policies of the JayBee Group.
• Oversees the management of JayBee Group's business operations.
• Appoints and dismisses the statutory committee members.
• Appoints and dismisses Special Executives.

Nominating Committee:

• Determines the content of proposals regarding the appointment/dismissal of Directors.

Audit Committee:

• Monitors the performance of duties by Directors and Special Executives (with regard to the preparation process of financial statements, disclosure controls and procedures, internal controls, compliance structure, risk management structure, internal audit structure, internal hotline system, and other matters).
• Determines the content of proposals regarding the appointment/dismissal or non-reappointment of, approves the compensation of, and oversees and evaluates the work of JayBee's independent auditors.
• Reviews with JayBee's independent auditors the scope and results of their audit including their evaluation of Jaybee's internal controls, compatibility with generally accepted accounting principles in India, and the overall quality of financial reporting.

Compensation Committee:

• Sets policy on the contents of individual compensation for Directors, Special Executives , Corporate Executives and other Executives and determines the amount and content of individual compensation of Directors and Special Executives in accordance with the policy.

Special Executives :

• Make decisions regarding the execution of JayBee Group business activities within the scope of the authority delegated to them by the Board of Directors.

Corporate Executives:

• Carry out business operations within designated areas, including business units, research and development, and/or headquarters functions, in accordance with the fundamental policies determined by the Board of Directors and the Special Executives.





The company has more than a decade of experiences in drilling, work over, Coil Tubing, Nitrogen Pumping, Well Acidization, Hot Oiler, Cementing services :

1. Drilling
2. Work over rig operation
3. Coil Tubing Operation
4. Nitrogen Pumping
5. Acidization
6. Well stimulation
7. Sand control through gravel pack
8. Fishing
9. Cementing

The company has developed it's own expertise, manpower, service network and ties up with some of the leading oil field companies such as IPR of USA, OTSA of Australia, Dagang & Liaohe of China etc.

To cope up with oil production, the oil field operators are in need of integrated well services. Leaving aside the private operators, even the nationalized oil companies of India viz., OIL & ONGC, ONGC itself has of late invited 10 nos. of work over rigs for hiring. OIL is also contemplating to charter hire four work over rigs. There are no ideal rigs at present available in the country. Looking at the prospect, JayBee intends to purchase a Work Over Rig for which we have attached a financial project report of the same.





JayBee has grown revenues faster than the competitors and against the background of a poor economic climate. As JayBee envisaged, JayBee have taken part in the consolidation of the oil field service market and invested heavily in the future expansion of company's business. JayBee is confident that the services in oil field will continue to grow substantially.

The country produces about 40% of its domestic requirement and the rest through import. The exploration and exploitation of oil is highly specialized and technologically oriented. The technological and equipment needed for exploration and exploitation are not available within the country but have to secure from either through technical collaboration or through outright purchase . Past few years of unprecedented uncertainties due to fluctuation on oil production and price. India is also suffering the same on its oil production and economy. Against a background of unprecedented world uncertainty and problematic year of record crude oil price, the company has secured number of projects with OIL/ONGC to augments oil production and maintain a steady growth in it's oil field services.

JayBee have been quick to secure contract and to good use in structuring for further growth and in the acquisition of oil field services. Few companies in this sector have managed to grow significantly during 2003-04 and these services have provided for an acceleration of company's future growth plans. There is a lag between the timing of the investments and the return, and the result was an initial reduction in profit in the financial year prior to achieving the full scale operational benefit.

The Company has successfully secured a sand control services of production wells through gravel pack in 2004 and this development will provide further know how and technology for future job possibilities in the country .. With this strategy in mind, the Company has entered into an agreement with Dagang to initially provide technology services with the availability of further in the future. The company also has now strategic tie up with OTSA, AWT of Australia, Jereah of China for latest state of at technology in consultancy and bidding in services in consortium. Jaybee is adamant to use the latest technology possible to render quality services to its client. To cope up with the emerging challenges and competitive environment prevailing in the oil and gas industry currently, JayBee is flexible enough to expand its limits. The Company continues its twin strategy of broadening the specialized services offering to achieve organic growth and market share whilst taking an opportunistic approach to the consolidation of oil field services market in the country and outside. We strive to use our resources responsibly, and regard our Guiding Principles of Sustainability as key components to the Company's long-term success. We believe in survival of excellance.





JayBee Energy Pvt. Ltd. has continuously been collaborating with world renowned company to acquire cutting edge technologies and expertise to get an edge in the domestic market and international as well to delight its client. The following is the graphical representation of Jaybee's Overseas Collaboration in the field of Oil business :





» JayBee Energy (P) Ltd.

JayBee Energy (P) Ltd. is a pioneer and front runner private sector Indian Company undertaking dedicated and specialized oil field services for the past eight years for work over and well repair operations. JayBee Energy is the only private company in India to have pioneered the Well Stimulation Industry in the country and are now fully engaged in stimulation operation and operation of Coil Tubing Unit , to the best benefit of enhancement of Crude oil production at minimum cost.

Since most of the oil fields in India are old and depleted , newer technologies are being essential to the industry to maximize and optimize production of Crude and Natural Gas from the existing oil fields. The Company is, therefore, fully geared and positioned to encompass newer technologies for further meaningful growth and expansion in specialized oil field services, having considerable potential demand in India and neighboring countries. Operational Areas :-

Well repairing, well work over
Drilling Operations
Horizontal & Extended Reach Drilling
Well Stimulation Services
Coil Tubing Services
Well testing
Gravel Pack
High Energy Gas Fracturing /Stimulation
Enhanced Oil Recovery
Supply of trained, experienced Manpower
Software and HRD

» Assam Barytes & Chemical (P) Ltd.

Assam Barytes & Chemical (P) Ltd. has been set up with the sole objective of providing and maintaining and maintaining technological leadership in activities relating to mud Additives , Chemicals , Oil field Services and Equipment Supply and Services for application in Oil fields. The Company currently operate through it's following divisions.

Mud Additives Division Oil field Services Division and Oil / Gas Equipment – Sales / Services » Mud Additives Division

This division is mainly engaged in manufacturer and supply of Barytes and Bentonite Powder at it's manufacturing unit and at ware house at Sibsagar. The unit has been in operation since 1989 and has been supplying regularly mud additives to ONGC and OIL.

» Oil field Service Division

This division has been operating heavy duty work over Rigs for operation in North Eastern Regions of ONGCL , India since 1993. The Division has on it's plays a very dominant role in oil field operations and therefore the selection, availability and dependability with its aim and objective of maintaining technological leadership and to encompass more and more specialised operations to strength a team of experts and dedicated , trained and experienced man power to handle these specialized operations, demonstrating efficient and high caliber expertise.

» JayBee Honda

Honda Motorcycles and Scooter India (P) Ltd. , a wholly owned subsidiary of Honda Motors, Japan, has offered the dealership of it's two wheelers for the North East region to JayBee Energy in 2002. Under the brand name of JayBee Honda, the company is selling, marketing and servicing Honda brand of scooter and motor cycles. The company has thus due to this business association has acquired commendable expertise in sales, marketing, service and financial management.

» JayBee Auto Agencies (P) Ltd.

The company markets the MARUTI-SUZUKI brand of automobiles in this part of India through it's dealership network in the state of Assam. It has sales and service outlet for Upper Assam, providing state-of-the-art service facilities, with confidence of proven Japenese Technology and Genuine Spare parts; ensuing TOTAL care for SUZUKI cars for optimum vehicle performance and efficiency.





Since its inception in 1989, JayBee Energy Pvt. Ltd. has been involved in a lot of corporate social responsibility works and all round development of the people throughout its entire operational area. JayBee Energy has always strived upon to create a holistic work culture and a healthy working environment for improving the quality of life of the workforce and the local community at large.

Summary of Various CSR initiatives: At the very onset, we are very privileged to bring to notice that in the past few years JayBee Energy has taken various initiatives for the uplift of the people in its operational area.

How we contribute to society in Future :

1. We are committed to increase employment every year to employ the unemployed youths to the extent possible for us.
2. We provide financial assistance to the impoverished meritorious students with a fixed one time stipend in each financial year. We publish the criteria of selection and list of beneficiary.
3. We provide financial assistance for the poor and aged (more than 60 yrs. old) patients with a fixed one time financial assistance for treatment in each financial year. We publish the criteria of selection and list of beneficiary.
4. We recruit 30 trainee per year and pay them stipend during the period of training. We publish the criteria of selection and list of beneficiary.