We provide all onshore drilling services including directional drilling.

We have Rigs that can drill upto 5500 m fully equipped with all types of fishing tools, drill pipes, drill collars, bits scrapers as per client requirement. Vertical Well, Directional Well, ERD Well, Horizontal Well, Multilateral Well, Side track Well, Long/Medium/Short Radius Wells, Under Balance Drilling, Relief Well etc. MWD, LWD, Steerable Downhole Motors, Single/Multi shot Survey and Gyro Tools, Non-magnetic drill collars, Section Mill tool. Rental, Repair and maintenance of specialized Directional Drilling Tools. Most of the directional drilling equipments are US or UK made.


Any Service related to Mud Engineering.

• Field service onshore and/or offshore
• Chemicals supply and development
• Mud test and evaluation
• Material examination
• Test kits
• Drilling fluid technical training and consultation
• Material


All services related to Cementing.

• Casing design
• Slurry design
• Slurry quantity design
• Casing stand off design
• Rheology design
• Operation simulation
• New generation cementing trucks.

All kinds of cementing chemicals/additives/agents Accelerator e.g. Retarder, Fluid loss agent, Reducer, Defoamer, Gas bloc agent, Expansion agent, Spacer agent, After pad agent, Adjusting density material, Anti temperature material, MTC agent etc.

All kinds of tools and accessories e.g. Float shoe and collar, Centralizer, Cement umbrella, Stage collar, Liner hanger, Packer, Bridge plug etc.


All services related to Well Work-Over.

• Re-completion of well with Artificial lift (GLV, ESP, SRP etc) & packer.
• Fishing operation e.g. tubular, packer, wire, scraper etc.
• Milling operation e.g. cement retainer, bridge plug, junk, packer etc.
• Drilling of Cement plugs.


All Production Engineering Services.

• Well Tests including Shut-in test, Flow after flow test & Pressure build-up test
• Static/Dynamic pressure gradient survey
• Processing and Interpretation of all the above test
• Operations and Interpretation Reporting
• High accuracy electronic pressure gauge
• Fracturing Services


Services related to Well Service.

• Operation and maintenance of Coil Tubing Unit.
• Operation and maintenance of Nitrogen Pumping & Hot Oil, Acid Pumping Units.
• Sand control solution through Gravel Pack, Frac Pack, Screen, Chemical technique etc. with complete sand control hardware, job design, pumping services, chemicals and consumables.


Water shut-off by chemical by using polymer, fiber cement, low density foam cement for application.

• Water producing interval in oil well
• Bottom water production in oil well
• Casing leakage
• Bad/poor cement behind casing
• Higher permeability layer/streak in injection well


Gravel packing methods are used for sand control in case of loose formation. Sand control is important to effectively prevent sand production so that the well's productivity does not get hindered.

Sand control operations were started by Jay Bee Energy Pvt. Ltd. from the year 2004 through overseas collaboration, namely Dagang group of companies, China.

JayBee Energy has been entitled as the First indigenous Indian private company to provide sand control solution through gravel pack in India. Highly satisfied with the performance, OIL extended the contract from initial 10 wells to total 20 wells. No sand cut reported in the 17 wells gravel packed so far.